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Dated: May 9 2023

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The Hamilton Supperette & Lounge

Our May restaurant outing came at the recommendation of our Flotilla Core Partner, Bart A. Terrell. Bart is a fan of low-key, speakeasy-style restaurants where you can enjoy a fine whiskey or cocktail with an elegant dinner.

We are, too! One of our other favorite OKC lounge-style restaurants is R&J Supper Club (our review coming soon). Our discovery of The Hamilton adds yet another option for a laid-back, quiet & cozy venue for a good drink & dinner.

The Hamilton is located inside The Shoppes at Northpark (Northpark Mall) at NW 122nd & May Ave. TIP: The entrance to The Hamilton is actually outside of the mall on the east side.

The Hamilton's decor is warm & inviting. Books line the walls as if a personal, erudite library; chairs circled around low tables invite a conversational vibe; and whiskeys adorning the bar communicate a classy sophistication.

The lounge/speakeasy featured in The Hamilton's name is located toward the rear of the restaurant. It was closed when we visited, so we didn't get to see it. But we'll certainly be making a retun to check it out.

We started with a shrimp cocktail appetizer along with drinks including a Sazerac Rye whiskey with Absinthe rinse, the Kentucky Mule with Bourbon whiskey & ginger beer, and the Jet Plane to Amititán—a tequila cocktail with Amaro Nonino and Aperol.

For entrées, we selected the cornbread salmon, filet mignon, portobello stroganoff, potato soup, and Hatch corn off the cob.

We love stroganoff, so we're always excited to try any restaurant that offers it. Another similarity between The Hamilton and R&J Supper Club is that they both offer a stroganoff dinner. The Hamilton's is based off of a portobello mushroom, and R&J's is your typical beef variety. Our waitress at The Hamilton asked if we'd like to add beef, we declined, and that was a mistake. Between the two restaurants, we'd give the award to The Hamilton for the better stroganoff, and adding the optional meat would have only made it even better!

The other dishes were fantastic, and the Hatch corn off the cob was a great take on creamed corn-style side.

We didn't have enough room for dessert (and the bill was climbing rapidly with all the drinks we enjoyed), but we really wanted to try the cookie & ice-cold milk dessert—the cookie of the evening was a red velvet for the curious.

We all agreed that we'd definitely make a return to try different cocktails & menu items (remembering to leave room for the cookie & milk at the end). The only faults we could find were that the menu was fairly limited. But The Hamilton is definitely the kind of restaurant that chooses to offer a select number of items done extremely well rather than large variety at the expense of quality.

The night was a little pricey, but The Hamilton is the kind of place you go for a quiet, sophisticated venue & offerings—a location that makes a great impression on guests or loved ones!

Find out more about The Hamilton here...

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